Women in the RCMP

Everyone Is Equal

Perhaps you have seen it in the news, perhaps you dismissed this issue without a thought. The RCMP is discriminating against women and nothing is happening to change it. Here are the facts; there have been hundreds of reported harassments and sexual assaults from former and current female RCMP officers, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that EVERYBODY is an equal, a few main values in the RCMP are responsibility, professionalism, respect and  integrity and finally, the RCMP have failed at solving the crimes against aboriginal women.

Has anyone else noticed that the RCMP was instructed to hire 30% more women, then cut the amount of people they were hiring? After that the cases about murdered and missing aboriginal women were not solved? And now there are HUNDREDS of judiciary cases concerning male officers assaulting their female colleagues! Do you see the pattern? Is our NATIONAL police force sexist?! it sure…

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