The Right of Free Speech

So glad to see young people getting involved in human rights.

Everyone Is Equal

In Canada, Freedom of Speech is nearly total, excluding only hateful and obscene matter, such making bullying etc. not included in your rights. That  said I can say, write, blog anything I want, as long as it is based on facts or is solely my opinion. Unfortunately this is not the case in many places across the world, such as Saudi Arabia, where you cannot say anything disrespectful towards Islam or against the royal family. In Saudi Arabia Raif Badiwi is in prison and sentenced to flogging (whipping/beating) for insulting Islam  and debating over politics through blog.

If I said right here that I don’t believe in  the conservative party NOTHING would happen to me but if Canada followed the same rules as Saudi Arabia I would probably be sentenced to 1000 lashes and 10 years in jail on top of being forbidden to travel and post on the internet for ten years after being released. Okay? No, not okay.

Learn more about Raif and sign the petition to free…

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