Max Finkelstein Wows them at Rideau Roundtable event


About 60 paddlers and environmentalists got together yesterday to see renowned paddler, raconteur, and author Max Finkelstein speak about his latest adventure paddling the Big Muddy (Mississippi) with the American adventurers that rowed across the Atlantic.


Max was at his casual best, evoking

images that will stay with the audience for ever.  His charming and often humorous anecdotes were full of interesting educational tidbits that entertained us all.

He finished the talk with a wonderful summary of the paddling opportunities available locally, both on the Rideau River and on the Ottawa.  His love for the area came through loud and clear.

Many thanks to Max and to the City of Ottawa (who provided the wonderful location for the event).

For more information about the Rideau Roundtable and our speaker series, please visit our website at

And don’t forget our Voyageur canoe events this summer, including guided tours of the Rideau watershed and an outstanding Voyageur Canoe Race in early August.


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