Aggressive Driving – Some observations from the peanut gallery

I often hear pundits decrying the aggressiveness of drivers.  It is hard to disagree with the premise that aggressive driving is bad, but the picture isn’t as simple as the pundits would have you believe. For one thing, not all aggressive driving is “actively aggressive”.  The pundits rarely discuss the passively aggressive drivers, like the […]

Solar Lights Recycling | Your Solar Link

I am constantly looking for good environmental blogs and have been following a really good one lately named “Environmental world for all”.  The site is authored by a university student in peace studies with minor in environmental studies. One of the author’s recent posts discusses the benefits of solar LEDs for use as Christmas lights.  It is a […]

Public transportation woes in Ottawa

Public transportation woes
in Ottawa OC Transpo
doesn’t have
enough drivers or busses
to make the public transit
system work and the
busses we do have
aren’t large enough
to meet demand. We need
to address this issue in the
short, medium and long
terms. The municipal vision
for a light rail system is a
start because it gives us a
glimpse of the long term
vision, but it leaves us with
a broken system for the
next 20 years. Further,
even this long term vision
needs better
documentation and
communication. Short term
questions The only major
short term question that I
want addressed is: How do
we propose to get people