10 Lessons I learned Living in a Tiny House #6-10

Item #6 below is an interesting example of the “reduce” from the “reduce, reuse and recycle” strategy for sustainability. In essence, the author reminds us that changing our behaviour to want less “things” and to do more for ourselves is more sustainable than simply generating the our energy more efficiently and consuming the same amount we always have. It is something to always keep in mind…Do I really need this new thing?

21 Days on the Road

#6- Change it Up

You must be willing to change how you live. This is a mistake I sometimes see people make, especially those who switch to living off the grid, where their living system has changed but their expectations of life didn’t. A great example is with power (I know this is a bit redundant from #3, but since energy consumption and production are such important issues these days I figure what the heck.). I know folks who built lovely off the grid houses only to drop a small fortune on solar power and solar hot water arrays and batteries. Of course there is nothing inherently wrong with this idea, solar power is arguably a shade more environmentally friendly than other forms of power production, but it does take a lot of resources and energy to produce solar power equipment and those products don’t last forever. I’m not

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