Broadview Public School – The Galaxy – 1967

If any of you went to Broadview Public School in Ottawa during centennial year (1967) you will know that it was a hive of activity. One of the things that happened at Broadview was the publication of “The Galaxy”. If you were in grades 7 or 8 in 1967 you just might find yourself represented […]

Pool leaks are an environmental disaster!

swimming pool (Photo credit: freefotouk) Regardless of what anyone tells you, if you live in North America your pool should not be losing more than about an eighth of an inch of water (3 mm) each day in the summer.  If it is losing more that that…don’t ignore it and don’t let people tell you […]

Public transportation woes in Ottawa

Public transportation woes
in Ottawa OC Transpo
doesn’t have
enough drivers or busses
to make the public transit
system work and the
busses we do have
aren’t large enough
to meet demand. We need
to address this issue in the
short, medium and long
terms. The municipal vision
for a light rail system is a
start because it gives us a
glimpse of the long term
vision, but it leaves us with
a broken system for the
next 20 years. Further,
even this long term vision
needs better
documentation and
communication. Short term
questions The only major
short term question that I
want addressed is: How do
we propose to get people