Broadview Public School – The Galaxy – 1967

Broadview Public School as it appeared in the early 1930s.
Broadview Public School (Ottawa) circa (1930) – image courtesy of “Lost Ottawa” Facebook Community

If any of you went to Broadview Public School in Ottawa during centennial year (1967) you will know that it was a hive of activity. One of the things that happened at Broadview was the publication of “The Galaxy”. If you were in grades 7 or 8 in 1967 you just might find yourself represented in this 70+ page retrospective that has sections for student prose and poetry, student humour, sports, clubs, and so much more. There are no pictures and the text that is there is in graphic format so you can’t search it properly, but some of the stuff is really good.  I hope you enjoy!

BroadviewPublic_TheGalaxy(1967 – part 1r)


BroadviewPublic_TheGalaxy(1967 – part 2r)



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