UPS Store – Always Get A Quote

Note: this is a repost from my Facebook timeline

Be careful to always get a quote from UPS Stores before you allow them to do any work for you! Have you ever felt ripped off by a company? irate_customersWell, today I feel really ripped off by UPS. To be perfectly honest, it is partially my fault, because I should have asked more questions before I allowed the UPS store to do anything for me. But I am still angry! Here’s my story:

I was sending a package of 31 letter-size, B&W, single-sided pages to another place in the same city but I wanted to have a copy of the pages before putting them in the mail. I could have scanned or copied them one-page-at-a-time but I was busy today so I thought I would get them done at the UPS store because they were on my way and I thought they could do it faster. Copying services are usually less than 15 cents per page at this type of establishment so I figured it would cost me less than $5.00.

When I got to the store, I decided that it would be better for the environment to simply scan the pages to a USB key since I had two keys on me at the time. I figured that the scanning would be no more expensive than the usual printing service because the scanning used the same sheet feeder on the same copying machine, and I was providing the USBUPS Store Logo keys myself. Given that and the fact that the process would take no more time and save UPS money (no costs for toner or paper), I was confident that the service would be roughly the same as a normal print job. Not validating this assumption was a big mistake!

Apparently, saving the paper and toner costs actually made the same process at least 10 times as expensive as if I had just printed the paper. At UPS, not printing to paper actually cost me $55 ($5 for the “computer rental”, $5.00 for scanning the first page and $1.50 per page for the scanning remaining 30 pages). Yes, that’s right getting this simple job done at UPS cost $55 (plus HST).

I personally won’t be doing business at any UPS stores again because I don’t trust them and there are plenty of other printing services available. But you can be sure that at those other stores I will ask for a quote before I let them to do anything for me.


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