2 thoughts on “Canada 150 … what are YOU going to do?

  1. Reblogged this on Gourken's Brain Dump (more of a trickle actually) and commented:

    This is a re-posting of one of my posts from last year.

    There is still time to do something to help us celebrate our wonderful Country. Get your kids involved, get your community involved. We often seem to take this wonderful country for granted…this is a chance to say thank you to the best place to live on earth.

  2. If you are near the national capital in the week approaching Canada Day, 2017, and you are a paddling enthusiast, you might want to join in one of the Four Winds Voyageur Canoe Brigades that are planning to arrive in Ottawa on July 1st from the four directions (from the East up the Ottawa from Montreal, from the West down the Ottawa from Mattawa, from the North down the Gatineau and from the South up the Rideau Canal from Kingston). A link to the South Winds Brigade follows: http://voyageurbrigade.org/future-brigades/ottawa-brigade-south-wind-rideau-canal-brigade-june-23-july-1/

    Why not celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday by paddling triumphantly into Ottawa in one of the Canoes that had been used for millenia by our First Nations and which was used to open this continent up to European Settlers.

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