Climate Crisis: this changes everything.


Yes, the threat of war seemed immediate and concrete but so too is the threat posed by the climate crisis that has already likely been a substantial contributor to massive disasters in some of the world’s major cities. Still, we’ve gone soft since those days of wartime sacrifice, haven’t we? Contemporary humans are too self-centered, too addicted to gratification to live without the full freedom to satisfy our every whim – or so our culture tells us every day. And yet the truth is that we continue to make collective sacrifices in the name of an abstract greater good all the time. We sacrifice our pensions, our hard-won labour rights, our arts and after-school programmes. We accept that we have to pay dramatically more for the destructive energy sources that power our transportation and our lives. We accept that bus and subway fares go up and up while service fails…

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2 thoughts on “Climate Crisis: this changes everything.

  1. ”climate” is long time weather – controlled by H2O, nothing to with CO2. Because the phony ”global” warming is just that PHONY – the manipulators are intentionally confusing it with the the climate, to con.

    Extra heat in the earth’s atmosphere is not accumulative – the more heat => cooling increases. Here are the proofs, proven beyond any reasonable doubt. Don’t let the Warmist Organized Crime (WOC) to deceive you:

    1. Hi Stephan:
      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your point of view, but tend to align my thoughts to the 97% of climate scientists in the world that disagree. Having said that, I always like to hear what the opposing views are, I just don’t want to see action on climate change derailed or postponed while we endlessly go around the same bush.

      Best regards

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