Solar Panels Too Ugly? Check out Solar Shingles

Love to see this technology get higher penetration in the market, but would also like to see some details on how effective the shingles are in northern climates where snow is an issue. Do they “shed” snow or are they basically off during the winter. Also, how well do the stand up to high winds. Thanks for a really interesting article.

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Despite their undeniable environmental and economic merits, rooftop solar panels are sometimes dismissed simply because the homeowner is afraid of ruining the appearance of their home. While I do not share the same view (I think solar panels are downright beautiful), companies like Dow Solar have recognized this and developed more aesthetically pleasing Solar Shingles.

Solar Shingles are becoming more and more efficient, with continued breakthroughs in thin-film solar panels (like Copper Indium Gallium Selenide), which have increased in efficiency since 2008 from 10% to about 20% (solar efficiency expectations are much more forgiving that school grades). Additionally, the price of solar shingles has been falling rapidly, now on par with traditionally solar panel systems with similar efficiency in many regions.

Another major difference is while solar panels typically bolt on top of an existing roof, solar shingles become a part of it. Instead of being installed in addition to the singles they simply replace them. They are designed…

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